Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

High-leverage practices list for educational training

Technology #6306

The High Leverage Practices proposed are a guide to effective teacher education for teacher preparation programs (TPPs). Currently, there is no such unified standard. While many teacher preparation programs are accredited, differences in TPPs result in substantial differences in teacher success, and few practicing teachers believe that accreditation is the mark of a high-quality TPP. The proposed technology offers a decisive, novel way to organize TPPs to enhance measurable behaviors in future educators that are cornerstones of teacher success. It is based on research evidence, wisdom of practice, and logic, and serves as a framework for unifying and standardizing TPPs throughout the nation.

A Yardstick for Teaching Teachers

Current standards for teacher preparation are difficult to measure. Many of them reference admirable but intangible qualities such as “determination” and “grit”. The proposed technology pinpoints a small set of practices which are associated with student success and for which future educators can be measured. This introduces a yardstick supported by prior research to predict success of a future educator and prepare the future educator more fully for the rigors of the classroom.


  • A guide for the development of TPPs
  • A tool for improving teacher performance within the classroom


  • Supported by research evidence and experience in the classroom
  • Provides a list of behaviors which can be trained rather than innate qualities of an individual
  • Can stand as a unified framework for TPPs to avoid disparate standards of teacher education