Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Teaching and Technology Collaborative Workshop Registration System

Technology #6334

Effectively scheduling and advertising events is critical to ensuring successful outcomes in academic, corporate, and government fields – one report estimated that the software-based scheduling market exceeded $5 billion in 2012. Further, collecting data on registered participants, facilitating social media interaction, and maintaining a wait list of interested parties is fundamental to this goal. A new WordPress-based platform for virtual course scheduling allows administrators to accomplish these task with ease and also facilitates post-event analysis by allowing for follow-up surveys as well as giving administrators the ability to export data to spreadsheet or other delimitated formats.

Woven from social media

Using WordPress, a popular online content creation tool, as the engine for this system has important implications. First, it means that social media is at the core of this technology not just added on as an afterthought. Users will be able to post comments and advertise events via platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well as interface with more traditional scheduling apps (e.g. Outlook or iCal) with ease. Second, since WordPress is a popular platform, it means that other users will be able to customize or tune the software to fit their own unique requirements. As the way we schedule courses, do business, and interact continues to change this technology will grow concordantly with those needs.


  • Create and schedule workshops/training
  • Allow user registration
  • Allow workshop/training evaluation


  • Adaptable to diverse scheduling environments
  • Collect survey data pre- and post- workshop