Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Pre-scribable Mobile Healthcare Application

Technology #6345

This technology brings doctors and patients together through an easy-to-use mobile application that is linked with Electronic Health Records. The burst of mobile healthcare applications in recent years has caused confusion about what medical apps are trustworthy. This is especially true for patients with chronic conditions who seek medical information on long-standing health issues. It has been shown that telehealth applications which connect patients directly with physicians improve medical outcomes in both [specific cancers] ( and [across conditions] ( This application creates an easily accessible mobile source of medical information that patients can trust.

Secure and Informed Prescription

This technology allows physicians to create profiles linked to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) of their patients, who can then access their profile. As treatment progresses, the physician can keep patient information updated through a link between the application and the patient’s EMR. The app will provide an avenue of communication between patients and doctors, will allow patients to learn about their conditions from physician-vetted sources, and will allow remote prescription of treatment.


  • Easy access of patient data for clinical teams to prescribe actions to patients throughout treatment
  • Trusted source for patient information and education


  • A general mobile solution to doctor-patient communication, not disease-specific
  • Links with patient EMRs, allowing easy flow and updating of data