Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Mobile Game for Spinal Cord Injury Health and Behavioral Rehabilitation

Technology #6349

Patients of spinal cord injuries (SCI) must learn to manage a lifestyle dramatically different following their impairment. Changes in mobility, disabilities, healthcare scheduling, diet, nutrition, and exercise are just a few examples of the new challenges they have to cope with. This project uses the core principles of evidence-based health mechanics and packages them into a fun and engaging mobile game. The game uses iOS and Android platforms targeted at adolescent and young adult demographics new to a lifestyle following SCI.

Mobile Gaming for SCI health and behavioral rehabilitation

This mobile app is designed to train and educate patients who recently suffered a spinal cord injury about lifestyle changes and healthy decisions. The user interacts with their environment, sounds, animations, 3D models, and other characters through games and levels all surrounded by a central plot. The user will learn how to monitor their health, nutrition, and stress all while playing games.


  • Teach and Train SCI patients how to maintain health following their injury
  • Train healthcare providers and assistants of SCI patients


  • Fun and engaging game that presents the user with a character experience they can identify with.
  • Ability to play on mobile devices at the users convenience allows for additional playtime and potential impact.
  • In-game controls and mechanics have been designed to reach a broad audience ranging from those with full motor control of their hands to individuals using mouthsticks for interaction.