Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Pre-Surgery Approved Food App

Technology #6423

For many routine surgical operations physicians ask their patients to follow specific diet restrictions for a given amount of time before the procedure. This can often be as simple as “no solid foods”, however some operations require a very specific set of food consumption instructions and failure to follow these guidelines can result in cancelled or rescheduled surgery wasting time and money for the patient, the physician, and the hospital. Typically a patient is sent home several days or weeks before the operation with a piece of paper which has this information written on it, but this is useless if the paper is lost, forgotten, or the guidelines change in any way.

Mobile Digital App for Pre-Op Approved Foods

The benefits of a mobile app over a simple piece of paper are limitless, a mobile app can’t be lost of forgotten, and can be updated at any time by any of the hospital staff. Importantly an app can also add features like a reminder message or even find the nearest smoothie shop if the “no solid foods” is the restriction of choice. The patient could also track what they have been eating over a given course of time to get final approval before starting the operation.


  • Remind and inform patients what is approved for consumption prior to a surgical appointment


  • Can’t be lost or thrown away like a piece of paper
  • Can be updated at any time
  • Can remind the patient when to begin the diet restriction