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Patient Reported Outcome and Perioperative Data Collection and Analysis

Technology #6494

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Joseph D. Maratt
Managed By
Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004

This technology creates a user-friendly tool for patient reported outcomes (PROs) and clinician reported outcomes (CROs) in operation settings. The use of eDiaries and other electronic-PROs has been used since 1987 in clinical trials. By electronically collecting data in ways that are easy and comfortable with patients, medical personnel are free to perform other duties and transcription errors in recording patient responses are drastically reduced. In fact, it is estimated that these measures could save $305 billion over the next decade. This technology applies these electronic-PROs to a new area of medicine, opening up more avenues for medical efficiency.

A PRO solution for Operative Environments

This technology allows patients to fill out previously-developed forms whose responses are then saved electronically to a document-based database technology. This allows physicians to easily call data in an adaptable way, allowing the technology to be used to patient monitoring, presentation of data quality metrics, or use in predictive models as the user desires. The technology is specifically designed for use in orthopedic operative environments. While several technologies have been developed to focus on clinical trials, such as assisTek or broader approaches, such as ORTech Solutions, this technology focuses on a particular market niche and problem, enabling it to provide more precise solutions to specific healthcare problems.


  • Report quality metrics following surgery
  • Reduce data-collection strain on medical professionals
  • Data collection for patient outcomes and use in predictive models


  • Integrated with a document-based database technology for high adaptability