Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Breast Cancer Ally Mobile App

Technology #6519

Breast Cancer Ally is a tool designed to provide accurate and reliable information about breast cancer to patients. Currently, there are a huge number of apps, websites, and magazines that provide information about cancer to patients, but there is often no guarantee that the information provided is accurate and non-contradictory. Additionally, some information not apply to a particular patient’s case. This app removes those issues by providing information that is specific to the patient and their needs.

Institution- and patient-specific information

This app will exist in three incarnations, one of which is already in effect. First, it will provide breast cancer patients at the University of Michigan Hospital with information and tools specifically helpful for their disease and treatment plan, as well as institution-specific contact information. Second, there will be an app for non-University of Michigan patients, which provides breast cancer information about the patient’s specific case and treatment. Finally, there is the opportunity for creating apps that have information specific to other hospitals to provide patients outside of the University of Michigan with al features. This app is somewhat similar to the MD Anderson Mobile App, but includes symptom tracking and ensures that information arrives in a “just-in-time” manner.


  • Just-in-time information provided
  • Symptom tracking for patients
  • Institution-specific information to help patients in contacting the correct specialists


  • Assists patients in making good treatment decisions
  • Improve patient-doctor communications
  • Improves communications between patients and non-physician specialists
  • Avoids confusion and contradiction in instructions