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Overnight Corneal Reshaping - Quality of Life (OCRQOL) Questionnaire

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Michael J. Lipson
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Drew Bennett
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Over half of all Americans use corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses. When choosing corrective eyewear, doctors are concerned with safety, efficacy, visual acuity, and complication rates, while patients typically consider how different options affect their vision-related quality of life. All of these factors must be considered to find an ideal treatment. An important method for assessing vision-related quality of life is through patient reported outcomes, which are measured by validated questionnaires. Unfortunately, current questionnaires fail to account for all of the daily vision correction options available to patients. In particular, they exclude overnight corneal reshaping (OCR, also known as orthokeratology) lenses, which was approved by the FDA in 2002. In OCR, rigid gas permeable lenses are worn only at night to reshape the cornea so that no correction is needed during the day. A new questionnaire that includes OCR would help elucidate how OCR affects vision-related quality of life.

Questionnaire compares effects of overnight corneal reshaping with other corrective eyewear

A 46-item Overnight Corneal Reshaping – Quality of Life (OCRQOL) questionnaire scores vision-related quality of life for users of OCR lenses, spectacles, and rigid and soft contact lenses. The questionnaire was developed with focus groups that included both doctors and patients, and it was validated with statistical (Rasch) analysis that factored in both participant attitude and question difficulty. By using the OCRQOL questionnaire, doctors, researchers, and patients will be able to adequately consider effects on vision-related quality of life in all of the options available for daily vision correction.


  • Research on vision-related quality of life
  • Research on different types of vision correction


  • Accounts for overnight corneal reshaping
  • Enhances information available for doctors, researchers, and patients