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PediatricRD – Pediatric Registered Dietitian Mobile App

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Mary Beth Harris
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Jessica Soulliere
Michigan’s Malnutrition Diagnostic Tool
ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition February 2014 vol. 6 no. 1 60-61, 2014

Pediatric dietitians are an integral part of patient care by monitoring, assessing, and optimizing nutrition status based on a patient’s current medical condition. Compromised nutrition in a hospital setting can lead to slow healing and recovery and may extend hospital stays. The services of dietitians are in greater demand and while the funding for dietetic staff has not increased, the number of clinic visits has. Increased demand for nutrition services has led to some patients not receiving adequate nutritional care. With almost 6 million pediatric inpatients in 2012 nationwide, easily accessible pediatric nutrition references are in high demand.

PediatricRD – A mobile pediatric nutrition reference for clinician and dietitians

A smartphone app has been designed for use by pediatric clinicians and dietitians as a reference tool for pediatric nutrition information. The app is not designed to replace dietitians, but rather supplement a dietitian’s knowledge with readily available references or as an aid to physicians to make informed decisions about a patient’s nutritional status when a dietitian is not readily available. The app will include tools such anthropometric measurements, calculators to determine nutrient needs, formula information, and M-Tool, Michigan’s Malnutrition Diagnostic Tool. The app is beneficial as a consistent nutrition reference for dietitians to standardize care throughout a health system.


  • Reference tool for pediatric and adult registered dietitians
  • Nutrition aid for physicians when dietitians are not available


  • Easily accessible mobile resource
  • Localized, consistent information
  • Only pediatric-specific nutrition mobile app