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A multiple-task spray cap for chromoendoscopy

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Shail Govani
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Janani Ramaswamy
Licensing Specialist, Medical Deviceses 734-763-9081
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A multiple-task spray cap for chromoendoscopy

Chromoendoscopy is a medical procedure where stains or dyes are applied topically at the time of endoscopy to enhance tissue characterization, differentiation, or diagnosis. It has been shown to improve visualization of pre-cancerous lesions, especially small flat lesions. Currently, a spray catheter is used to spray stains onto the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract during chromoendoscopy. Yet the limitation is that the spray catheter takes up the entire endoscopy channel, which prevents other procedures through the channel, such as tissue biopsy. This new device will replace the spray catheter, and be positioned at the endoscope tip. It only covers the irrigation channel but not the entire open channel. The partial coverage allows stain spray and other procedures at the same time, which improves operation efficiency. One potential application for this technology is colorectal cancer screening. For example, inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) is a group of disorders characterized by chronic inflammation of the digestive tract wall. IBD is a serious, incurable, chronic condition, which can result in a higher risk for colorectal cancer. More frequent colonoscopy exam is recommended for people who live with IBD after 8-10 years. This technology will potentially improve the efficiency of detecting pre-cancerous lesions in people with IBD.


  • Supplied as endoscopy accessories, which allow concurrent biopsy procedures and dye application during chromoendoscopy.


  • Save time and efforts by allowing concurrent biopsy procedures during chromoendoscopy
  • Disposable and inexpensive
  • Compatible with current equipment and does not require upgrade