Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

ExtendEd Platform

Technology #6770

This technology offers a fully-functioning platform for both training and learning reinforcement for professional development in universities. Currently, no technology exists to meet all the needs of higher education institutions, leaving the only option of using different programs to achieve each goal. This approach can be difficult and disconnected for learners. The alternative is developing a complete solution that directly meets university professional development needs.

Applied Knowledge and Training Improvement

Students and trainees using this platform to supplement their in-class learning are helped to apply their knowledge through within-platform questions and encouragement. After lessons, students are regularly prompted for information about how they have applied knowledge in the workplace. This data collection allows tuning of course content to specifically cater to the needs of the job. This iterative process ensures that training is both useful and reinforced. While several learning management systems, such as Blackboard, offer training platforms and other tools, such as Mindmarker offer training reinforcement, this platform combines both functions seamlessly.


  • A single tool for both training and learning reinforcement
  • Easy evaluation of learning objectives
  • Ensures long-term use and assessment of learned material


  • No need for combinations of third-party tools
  • Iterative feedback ensures that course content is improved over time
  • Specifically caters to the needs of university employees
  • Fully integrated tool without a need for third-party add-ons