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Simple, dense and reliable memristor memory architecture

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Pinaki Mazumder
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Joohee Kim
Licensing Specialist, Physical Sciences & Engineering 734-764-8202
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Nonvolatile memory technologies led by NAND Flash have been generating increased market revenues due to the increased usage of these devices, especially in portable consumer electronics and solid state drives (SSDs). Memristor based crossbar memories are prime candidates to succeed the Flash as the mainstream nonvolatile memory due to their density, scalability, write endurance and capability of storing multi-bit per cell. However, conventional 1T1R structure has density problem, and the 1D1R structure has imperfect cell-to-cell isolation.

Simple, dense, and reliable memristor memory architecture

The inventor discloses a memristor crossbar memory architecture. Utilizing a reduced constraint read-monitored-write scheme, the disclosed scheme supports multi-bit storage per cell and utilizes reduced hardware, aiming to decrease the feedback complexity and latency


  • Nonvolatile memory - solid state drives (SSDs)


  • Supports multi-bit storage per cell and utilizes reduced hardware
  • Operates with CMOS compatible voltages
  • Resistant to resistance drift