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Display and Algorithm Tools for Big-Data-based Decision Support

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Drew Bennett
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This technology uses existing patient data to help physicians choose the ideal treatment dosage or method for a given patient. Currently, clinical decision making is not always strongly supported by evidence. There is such a huge amount of medical data being published that determining the correct treatment plan for every disease is difficult. Even for a given patient and a given drug treatment, the ideal dosage can change based on patient characteristics. Using advanced statistical and computational techniques, this technology helps guide physicians to the correct treatment course for a specific patient.

Big Data for Clinical Decision Support

This technology draws together data from various sources and allows physicians to look at how a given treatment affects a given population—a population that’s very similar to their patient. It provides statistics that point out the treatment plan which has the best probability for an ideal patient outcome. The program requires that a given type of treatment is already being considered by the physician, so offers a unique function that does not conflict with existing decision support tools, such as [IndiGO] ( This technology represents the newest advanced in personalized medicine, and can help in many aspects of healthcare around the world.


  • Treatment plan evaluation
  • Treatment planning optimization
  • Automated decision algorithms


  • Only method of its kind