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RF range extender for multiple users and different protocols

Technology #6863

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Kamal Sarabandi
Managed By
Joohee Kim
Licensing Specialist, Physical Sciences & Engineering 734-764-8202
Patent Protection
US Patent Pending

The inventor discloses a relatively small radio-wave signal booster for the 2.4GHz ISM band (including WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) for extending the range such devices in complex RF environment such as factor plants, multi-story houses, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. is invented. This device can service multiple users operating at different frequencies within the band simultaneously with requiring frequency down- and up-conversion and following any specific protocol.

RF range extender for multiple users and different protocols

The device is designed to boost ISM signals over the entire allocated bandwidth of 80MHz by more than 70dB to extend the range of two way communication between mobile nodes and fixed nodes of wireless multiple devices that operate in ISM band. The entire bandwidth and many users are accommodated by the new device. The device is power efficient and has a very small form factor (about the size of a credit card).


  • Increase the range of wireless routers and Bluetooth devices
  • Connect Internet of Things


  • Allows simultaneous communication for multiple users with the same or different protocols
  • Covers the entire band
  • Small form factor
  • Power efficient