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Logo and Brand Management Application for University Settings - UM Signature Generator

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UM Signature Generator Tool
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This technology provides a process for designing a unified logo to project a university’s particular brand. Often, different departments or buildings on a campus will project disparate logos, creating an inconsistent brand. Brand consistency is an important factor in an organization’s success. As universities enter the realm of branding that has so long been important for businesses, new strategies must be developed to approach the particular problems of an educational and research environment. This technology approaches this problem with an innovative combination of design teams and technology.

New tools for a new frontier

This technology is a combination of an online tool and a design workflow. The website allows for collecting the thoughts and feedback of several people from numerous departments simultaneously. The design workflow allows for integrating this feedback into a coherent brand logo and continued support for university needs. Branding consultancy is an established and thriving field for industry, but examples in the university are sparse. This tool offers a major foray into this new area.


  • Creating unified brands for a university setting
  • Projecting a clear brand for universities


  • Online tool for faster, streamlined feedback
  • Pays attention to the particular problems of a university environment