Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Milk Room Inventory Database

Technology #6897


Infant feeding preparation rooms are becoming an essential service for preparation of human milk in inpatient neonatal and infant care. Infant feeding preparation rooms allow new mothers the opportunity to have their milk properly stored, handled, and prepared as medically needed for their infant. As outlined and recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics it is critical that the storage, tracking and reporting of human milk supplies be straightforward and accurate to optimize safety and efficiency. The amount of infant feeding preparation rooms are growing nationally in alignment with the literature; therefore an increased need for tools to properly manage human milk supplies has been identified. Functionality is needed to carefully and accurately track stored milk of a large number of mothers in a centralized operation to optimize its usage, organization, and inventory for return back to the patient as medically indicated.


Faculty at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital have created a tool that provides infant feeding preparation room team members the ability to accurately track the chain of custody for human milk. This tool has been used at The University of Michigan since 2011 at C.S Mott Children’s Hospital, which houses nearly 350 beds, of which 300 are pediatric. Approximately 20% of families utilize this Infant Feeding Preparation room for human milk services, meaning that at any given time this tool is tracking 60 different mother’s milk. The highly user friendly and quick system allows processing reports and generation of hundreds of labels within seconds, creating efficient and reproducible workflow for all staff in the operation.

This stand-alone database is built utilizing Microsoft Access and provides necessary functionality regardless of the Electronic Medical Record system being utilized. The Infant Feeding Preparation Room Inventory Database includes the following functionality:

• Input human milk deposits and withdrawals • Record patient discharges • Data entry space for additional information such as initials of who verified prepared human milk • Track and report detailed human milk volumes for individual patients • System wide reporting of human milk volumes stored within the feeding preparation room • Customizable label printing


This system provides a user-friendly interface enabling rapid, yet accurate tracking. Utilizing Microsoft Access, the ability to customize reports and labeling is possible. Busy and growing Infant Feeding Preparation Rooms will benefit from the straightforward process. There is no need for expensive customizations or lengthy adaptations to run this as part of a larger hospital EMR system. Taking advantage of a tool that enables straightforward and accurate chain of command human milk tracking paves the path towards increased patient safety and efficient infant milk preparation rooms.