Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Books of Lesson Plans for Preschool Teachers

Technology #6905

This product is a collection of lesson plans for preschool teachers. There are approximately [half a million] ( preschool teachers in the US, and the occupation has a high turnover. First-year teachers, in particular, spend a [huge amount of time on developing lesson plans] ( that can be then used for years to come. But there’s no guarantee of the effectiveness of these lesson plans. This product represents a set of lesson plans that cover a wide range of important topics and are supported by research.

Well-rounded, effective lesson plans

A team of early childhood education specialists constructed these lesson plans based on research of effective teaching strategies. The curriculum strikes a balance between mathematics, science, literacy, and social emotional learning. This is an important step forward, given that the average 6-hour day in preschool only dedicates 58 seconds to mathematics. This technology is relevant to early childhood education prior to K-12 schooling. While there are several products available, both free and proprietary, this is the only product that is grounded in well-established research.


  • Reduce administrative burden on new Preschool teachers
  • Improve mathematical abilities of students


  • Grounded in research on effective early childhood education
  • Balance between several important educational domains.