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Your Own Planner: An Interactive Search Engine for Smart Traveling

Technology #6906

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Barzan Mozafari
Managed By
Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004

This technology makes planning a trip easier, more flexible, and cheaper than existing tools. The average American takes four and a half flights for leisure purposes per year, not to mention the number of train tickets sold and road trips taken. Planning for these trips involves finding the cheapest means of travel, but also a number of other factors such as location of accommodations, flexible or fuzzy start and end dates, and potential activities along the way. This tool makes planning complicated trips easier to allow users to do everything they want on the cheapest possible budget.

Optimization on multiple levels

When planning a trip, customers care about a large variety of factors, and sometimes a person prefers to optimize their trip on a factor other than price. But current travel booking tools such as [Expedia( are only optimized for finding the cheapest price for a given start and end date. If a person wants to consider alternative dates to find a potentially cheaper flight that occurs on nearby dates, they must manually enter all possible options. This tool removes that restriction, and many others, making planning much easier for travelers. This will allow millions of Americans to make more ideal travel arrangements.


  • More efficient online booking
  • Book travel optimized on factors other than price


  • Allows users to have flexible start and end dates, locations, and plans
  • Reduces manual effort that customers must expend to find their ideal vacation.