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Clinical research training program for allied health professionals and other practicing clinicians

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Practice Oriented Research Training (PORT) License Agreement
Susan Lynn Murphy
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Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004
Development and Evaluation of the University of Michigan’s Practice-Oriented Research Training (PORT) Program.
Am J Occup Ther. 2010 Sep-Oct;64(5):796-803., 2010

Welcome to PORT (Practice Oriented Research Training). This program was developed to meet the needs of practicing clinicians who want to become competent and active members of the research enterprise. The materials you download will give you an overview of the PORT program, outline the steps needed to implement the program successfully, and provide a list of resources you will need to achieve program goals. The materials are offered as a guide and can be adapted for your specific institution and local needs. This program was developed in partnership with the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) at the University of Michigan. The PORT program includes a complete set of instructional materials: PORT Instructor’s Manual This document reviews the overall goal of the PORT program and provides information on key characteristics for program success; a list of resources, materials and funding needed to implement the program; specialized information and tips for instructors; and other necessary elements required for successful class implementation

PORT Session Descriptions

The session descriptions give instructors detailed descriptions of each session within the 11-week PORT classroom program, as well as suggested strategies for effective presentation of the material.

PORT Instructor Timeline

The instructor timeline document includes a sample timeline for instructor preparation, including a checklist of action items for up to six months leading up to the first classroom session and continuing through post-award actions.

PORT Syllabus and Homework Guidelines

The syllabus gives a general overview of each week’s focus and objectives, as well as detailed information about the preparation needed to contribute to class discussion. Students are given guidelines for homework assignments, including instructions for submission and the consequences of late submission.

PORT Resources and Additional Readings

This document outlines three resources upon which this session’s content is based. The two books are available for purchase from the web links provided. All additional readings are considered optional readings for the program.

Grant Materials and Other Templates

This section includes a complete set of supporting documents and templates needed to implement the PORT program