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Impregnation of Oxygen Carrier Compounds into Carrier Materials Providing Compositions and Methods for the Treatment of Wounds and Burns

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Topical application of oxygen has been clearly demonstrated to assist in wound healing. However, the potential for such a topical therapy has not been realized due to the cumbersome nature of current gaseous oxygen supply. Attempts have been made to provide bandages that create oxygen, but these have been limited by the small time frame in which oxygen is made. For example, prior art discloses an oxygen generating wound dressing, however oxygen generation only lasts approximately 20 minutes. It would be highly impractical to change the bandage every 20 minutes for effective treatment. Successful creation of a bandage with long- lasting oxygen delivery would have major implications including the potential to prevent progression of partial thickness burns to full thickness burns.

The invention here relates to a novel method for the impregnation of oxygen carrier compounds such as hydrogen peroxide into carrier materials that have free volume, empty or void space or high porosity. Aspects of the invention provide compositions and methods for the treatment of wounds and burns. In particular, embodiments of the invention provide C02-assisted impregnation of carrier materials for controlled 02 delivery, for example, hydrogen peroxide loaded cellulose acetate mats or perfluorodecalin loaded silica aerogels applied topically to wounds and burns.