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Blended Learning Platform 1.0

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Students using personal computing devices to work in collaboration;
Elliot Soloway
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Drew Bennett
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WeCollabrify: Free Collabrified Apps That Support Synchronous Collaboration
MACULjournal. Spring 2015, 2015

The rise of computing devices like laptops and tablets in the classroom is revolutionizing education. Teachers need simple yet flexible learning management systems to take advantage of the opportunities that technology affords the classroom. The Blended Learning Platform allows teachers to get the most of an environment in which students have their own computing device. It simplifies the process of creating digital curricula and distributing necessary materials.

Key focus on collaboration

The Blended Learning Platform was designed with collaboration in mind. Students are able to use their own device to work together on a single document, without compatibility issues across different types of devices. Additionally, the platform allows teachers to easily create groups of students and manage the lesson for each group. Analytics are tracked to ensure that no student falls behind. The Blended Learning Platform is already in use today, helping over 500 students maximize their learning potential.


  • Allows teachers to design lessons and distribute coursework materials
  • Allows students to work collaboratively
  • Analytics to track student progress


  • Device agnostic; runs in any Internet browser
  • Easy-to-use tools for building lessons
  • Integration with Google Classroom