Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

National Registry of Exonerations Mobile App

Technology #7018

This technology is a mobile app of the National Registry of Exonerations that provides notifications when a new exoneration has been added. Last year, there were nearly 150 exonerations, and as of March 2016 there were over 1750 exonerations documented within the registry.  The mission of the National Registry of Exonerations is to provide comprehensive information on exonerations of innocent criminal defendants in order to prevent future false convictions by learning from past errors. This technology provides a well-curated database of these exonerations for interested parties.

Mobile access to exonerations

The National Registry of Exonerations is curated by a team of specialists in the University of Michigan Law School. The registry is of interest to litigators, employers, several organizations, persons charged with crimes and their loved ones. While there are lists of specific types of exonerations, such as the [DNA Exonerations List] (, and more broad collections, such as publicly-edited lists of wrongful conviction, this list is unmatched in specificity and quality. Additionally, this mobile app would provide update notifications, allowing users to become immediately aware of new exonerations anywhere in the nation.


  • Faster notifications for those interested in exonerations.


  • Quality curation guarantee
  • Instant notification of interested parties