Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Mobile app for knee replacement perioperative care

Technology #7020

The number of knee replacement surgeries has almost doubled since 2001, with over 700,000 cases performed in 2011, and are now one of the most costly procedures in the US, with an aggregate cost of over $9 billion in 2008. As The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services implement payment models that penalize hospitals for poor outcomes, it has become increasingly important to monitor, educate, and provide care for patients both before and after surgery to improve outcomes.

Mobile app for knee replacement perioperative care

At the University of Michigan, implementation of a standardized clinical pathway with preoperative education, perioperative pain management, and earlier initiation of rehabilitation has significantly improved patient outcomes. These features of perioperative patient care have now been incorporated into a mobile app, to provide the same benefits to patients at home when used in conjunction with best practices.


  • Perioperative support of joint replacement surgeries
  • Perioperative support of other procedures


Preoperatively, the app will provide:

  • interactively establish personal goals
  • reminders of medication cessation
  • reminders of exercises for muscle conditioning
  • reminders of skin preparation
  • reminders of nothing-by-mouth requirements

Postoperatively, the app will provide and/or improve:

  • strategies for pain, edema, and bowel management
  • strategies for incision care
  • strategies for venous thromboembolism prevention
  • tracking of symptoms
  • adherence to rehabilitation protocols
  • daily education
  • activity monitoring
  • collection of patient-reported outcome measures