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Waveform Annotation Software

Technology #7024

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Mark Salamango
Managed By
Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004

This technology allows the automated annotation and alignment of waveform data and view said data in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Examples of waveform data include electrocardiogram for heart monitoring and respiratory data for breathing monitoring, but with the increasing use of wearable biosensors the data is becoming ubiquitous. Waveform data can help doctors to make medical decisions, and having the data at their fingertips can increase efficiency and quality of care.

Waveform data for expedient decision making

The technology has been developed to take multiple sources of waveform data and annotate important events, as well as align the data based on timestamps. This can allow doctors to get a holistic view of a patient’s status to make medical decisions. This is relevant to the increasing utility of EMRs. Other products have been developed to integrate waveform data with EMRs, such as [LightWAVE] ( and [CareAware Waveform Management] ( However, none of them has the range of functionality of this program.


  • Medical decision making
  • Storage of waveform data in EMRs


  • Allows specific annotation of waveform data for ease of use
  • Aligns different types of waveform data to allow doctors a holistic view of patient status