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Oracle Data Extraction Flow for Epic Clarity Systems

Technology #7040

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Mark Barlow
Managed By
Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004

With the requirement for medical records to become electronic, healthcare providers and researchers are finding that the handling of large amounts of information, even when accomplished computationally, can be difficult. In particular, if data from an EMR database needs to be moved to some another location, this can be a major challenge. The Extraction, Translation, and Loading (ETL) of data comprise a major fraction of the time spent on the handling of EMRs. This tool is a new workflow directed at the problem.

More efficient data workflow

This tool uses, among other techniques, the concept of Change Data Capture (CDC) to identify the most relevant data for transfer. By appropriately identifying these qualities in the data, this tool reduces the time needed for a given ETL procedure by as much as 15 fold. In one example, a procedure at the University of Michigan Health system which took over 24 hours to process was completed in only 1.5 hours using this tool. This method is applicable to the Epic EMR solution.


  • Extraction of data, in whole or in part, from an Electronic Medical Records database to an external data warehouse


  • Greatly improved speed of function.
  • Metadata about the changes in data between time points is generated