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Online Review System for Middle School Students

Technology #7098

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Sania Z. Zaidi
Managed By
Jessica Soulliere

This technology improves student learning while introducing them to an important aspect of modern science: anonymous peer review. There have been calls for restructuring of K-12 science education in the U.S., and the Next Generation Science Standards have been put forward as a goal for the future. A major outstanding challenge has been not only exposing students to the findings of science but also the methods of science. This technology is a generic process that can be applied to any science curriculum which both improves student learning and introduces students to the process of science through practice.

Respond, Revise, Review, Reflect

This technology pairs students and experts in an anonymized way that allows feedback on student projects about some scientific issue. Students then revise their projects, consider the reviews that they provided to other students, and reflect on what they’ve learned. Research has shown that this process greatly improves student outcomes, and helps close the achievement gap along gender and racial lines. This is an innovative new technology unlike anything currently on the market that offers a part of the solution to science education reform.


  • Enhancement of science education in middle and high schools
  • Potential applications in other classroom environments
  • Introduces students to an important part of the scientific process


  • Shown to improve student learning on multiple quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Currently the only technology of its kind marketed toward education
  • Removes reviewer bias by randomization