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Monolithically Integrated Metal / Semiconductor Tunnel Junction Nanowire Light Emitting Diodes

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Zetian Mi
Managed By
Joohee Kim
Licensing Specialist, Physical Sciences & Engineering 734-764-8202
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US Patent Pending

We disclose a method for achieving fast-response control of the temperature of a metal capillary in gas chromatography applications, by immersing it in a chilled liquid while ohmically heating it. Additionally, we claim a method of monitoring the capillary temperature by measuring its electrical resistance during ohmic heating. Temperature measurement is otherwise difficult to achieve using traditional sensors due to the small size of the capillary and the presence of surrounding liquid.

A thermal modulator device for gas chromatography and associated methods. The thermal modulator device includes a cooling member, an electrically conductive capillary in direct thermal contact with the cooling member, and a power supply electrically coupled to the capillary and operable for controlled resistive heating of the capillary.


To enable efficient current injection in semiconductor devices, particularly wide bandgap AlGaN, for applications in efficient electronic and optoelectronic devices including LEDs and lasers.


We have demonstrated, for the first time, an n++-GaN/Al/p++-GaN backward diode, wherein an epitaxial Al layer serves as the tunnel junction. This unique Al tunnel junction overcomes some of the critical issues related to conventional GaNbased tunnel junction designs, including stress relaxation, wide depletion region, and light absorption, and holds tremendous promise for realizing low resistivity, high brightness III-nitride nanowire LEDs in the visible and deep ultraviolet spectral range. Moreover, the seamless integration of defect-free nanowire structures with various metal layers offers a unique approach for achieving high performance nanoscale electronic and photonic devices that were not previously possible.


  • Electronic and optoelectronic devices, including AlGaN UV LEDs and lasers


  • Enhanced current injection
  • Reduced device resistance
  • Enhanced light extraction