Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

The ABCs of Home Drug Safety

Technology #7783

This brochure is an educational tool that effectively communicates key issues and considerations around the management of prescription drugs in the home. The ABC's of Home Drug Safety was developed by investigators at the University of Michigan with support from colleagues at the Oregon Health & Science University, University of New England, Reed College and St. Joseph Mercy Health System. The brochure provides important information on how to manage controlled prescription drugs in the home, key facts around adolescent prescription drug use and a simple parent/child contract that helps facilitate dialogue on this important topic. Licensing rights allow for unlimited use of the tool as an educational and support aide in schools, clinics and other appropriate settings.

A simple, powerful tool to assist in communication and education on the importance of active management of prescription drugs in the home.


  • Training and educational guide for Physicians, PAs, nurses, and pharmacists, health counselors, parent groups, clinics and public health facilities
  • Simple, concise plain language with focus on pragmatic methods and tools to actively manage prescription drugs in the home.
  • Pharmaceutical companies who manufacture/distribute controlled medications might find it useful to provide to prescribers
    and pharmacies.